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Seymour VRI Bowls Report 30th January

Saturday 30ᵗʰ January 2021

The welcome heavy rain on Friday could not prevent bowls being played throughout the district on Saturday, with just 4 rounds remaining until the finals all of the Seymour VRI sides have continued their run towards playing in those finals by winning all three matches played. CBD Division 1 are sitting comfortably in 3ʳᵈ just 2 points behind second placed Broadford whilst CBD Division 2 are currently 2ⁿᵈ just 4 points clear of 3ʳᵈ placed Kilmore and GVBD Division 6 are sitting on top of their ladder, 22 points clear of 2ⁿᵈ placed Nagambie.

Members are reminded of the need to keep up with getting club games played on time or face the prospect of being scratched, if you are having problems then see the match committee for the possibility of an extension.

CBD MIDWEEK 28ᵗʰ January
SEYMOUR VRI 80 (16) def Eildon 52 (0)

Midweek Pennant saw Seymour VRI at home to Eildon and with all rinks winning they continued their march up the ladder. Although with only one rink up and trailing by 2 shots overall at the lunch break after 42 ends, VRI managed to get their game together over the next 33 ends to record an all rinks up win by a healthy margin of 28 shots. At the time of going to press the Midweek side remains in 4ᵗʰ place just 4 points behind 2ⁿᵈ placed Wallan, 2 points behind 3ʳᵈ placed Eildon and 4 points ahead of 5ᵗʰ placed Seymour. These four clubs will fight it out for the remaining 3 finals places over the coming 4 rounds.

Joe Purcell’s rink of Kevin Cain, Garry Bester and Peter Delzotto returned to the winners list this week against Jim Wheelhouse’s rink in a match which was extremely close over the first 14 ends with Joe’s rink winning just 5 of those ends but keeping Jim’s rink to narrow end scores which allowed them to go into the break just 2 shots down, 8 to 10. With the resumption following the break, Joe’s rink won the next 4 ends, including a 5 on the 17ᵗʰ end to find themselves leading by 7 shots after the 18ᵗʰ end. They lost a single on the 19ᵗʰ end but then proceeded to win the following 5 ends to extended their lead to 13 shots just 1 end remaining which saw Jim’s rink score a 2. It was a great return to form for after their narrow loss last week with the final result being a comfortable 11 shot win for Joe’s rink 24 to 23.

Greg Jones, presently VRI’s top ranked skip and 7ᵗʰ ranked in the CBD, returned to his rink of Geoff Dixon, Paul Rolfe and Jane Wilson against Eildon’s top ranked skipper, Sharon Hall and her rink. In what was a great tussle by the 12ᵗʰ end with each rink wining 6 ends the scores were level at 9 all. With singles on the next 2 ends Greg’s rink moved out to a narrow 11-9 lead at the completion of the 14ᵗʰ end break. Resuming after the break Greg’s rink dropped a 3 on the 15ᵗʰ end and trailed by a single shot however scoring 12 shots on the following 3 ends allowed Greg’s rink to move out to a handy 11 shot lead at the completion of the 18ᵗʰ end. Whilst being outscored 4 to 6 over the remaining 7 ends, the result was always under the control of Greg’s rink as they record a strong 9 shot win 27 to 18.

With Mario Furletti unavailable this week it was Ian Cashill skipping the rink of Jim Tuckwell, Joy Cashill and Bill Dawe jumped away to a 7-shot lead, 13 to 6 after 11 ends, however by dropping 9 shots over the next 3 ends going into the 14ᵗʰ end break it was Rod McGowan’s rink with a narrow 2 shots lead. A winning burst over the 16ᵗʰ to 18ᵗʰ end, scoring 8 shots whilst restricting McGowan to a single end and 1 shot saw Ian’s rink create a 5 shot lead 21 to 16. The remaining 7 ends went Ian’s rinks way winning 4 ends for 8 shots whilst dropping just 3 ends worth 5 shots to Rod’s rink, paving the way for Ian’s rink to record a solid 8 shot win, 29 to 21.

Broadford 67 (2) lost to SEYMOUR VRI 80 (14)

Seymour VRI were away to second placed Broadford and as was the case with our Midweek side found themselves with just 1 rink up, they trailed by just 2 shots at the 42-end break. Eventually with 2 rinks getting up and able to cover the shot difference of the one rink down it was VRI getting over Broadford by a healthy 13 shots.

Greg Jones, presently VRI’s and CBD’s top ranked skip, led his rink of Phil Challis, Bill Dawe and Wayne Noonan were matched against Robert Chapman’s rink and with ends split equally at 7 a piece over the first 14 ends, it was the scoring of a 5 on the 13ᵗʰ end that allowed Greg’s rink to hold a narrow 1 shot lead at the break 14 to 15. Greg’s rink then proceeded to dominate the match following the break and whilst winning 8 of the remaining 11 ends and scoring a healthy 15 shots they allowed Robert’s rink just 3 end wins for a meagre 5 shots. Greg’s rink was able to record a strong win by a good margin of 11 shots, 29 to 18.

Mick Szczykulski’s rink of Moreno Puppa, Helen Flint and Geoff Neal, with Helen and Geoff trading positions, were able to score 13 shots on just 5 ends wins over the first 14 ends whilst their opponent Daryl Kelly and his rink in securing 9 end wins recorded just 15 shots allowing for a very narrow 2 shot margin at the break. Resuming after the break it was Mick’s rink jumping out to a 5 shot lead at the 17ᵗʰ end courtesy of 7 shots on the next 3 ends, whilst dropping 3 shots on the following 2 ends, Mick’s rink then won the next 3 ends to extend their lead
to 11 shots. Dropping a 6 on the 23ʳᵈ end and with their lead cut to just 3 shots with 2 ends to play once again it was Mick’s rink who steadied to win both of those ends adding a further 6 shots to their total to run out comfortable 9 shot winners 33 to 24.

Joe Purcell’s rink of Kevin Cain, John Crockett and Brad Anderson were evenly matched against David Ellis’s rink 0ver the first 6 ends with the scores level at 4 all. After 12 ends Joe’s rink had managed to create a nice lead of 5 shots however by dropping two 3’s on the next 2 ends they found themselves trailing by just 1 shot at the 14ᵗʰ end break. With 2 shots scored on the 1ˢᵗ end after the break and regaining the lead, although by just a single shot, there were encouraging signs that a comeback by Joe’s rink was possible however that was not to be. Although winning 4 of the next 10 ends and adding an additional 5 shots Joe’s rink failed to outscore David’s whose 6 ends won saw the addition of a further 13 shots resulting in Joe’s rink suffering a 7-shot loss, 18 to 25.

SEYMOUR VRI 91 (14) def Broadford 66 (2)

At home against 4ᵗʰ ranked Broadford in another must win game for VRI it was VRI with 2 rinks up with a 10-shot lead at the 42-end break. With 2 rinks going on to record wins it was enough to get the overall result another vital win this time against another probable finalist by a healthy 25-shots.

Again, it was Peter Delzotto’s presently VRI’s top ranked skip and 3ʳᵈ in the CBD, with his rink, this week consisting of Josh Austin, Terry Dowell, and Stuart Crockett who were the big winners as they were matched against Arthur Goring’s rink. Peter’s rink scored a 2 on the first end and never relinquished the lead after that building a 6-shot margin at the 14ᵗʰ end break, 15 to 9. Peter’s rink again jumped away after the break winning 3 ends in a row and increasing their lead to 14 shots 23 to 9 after 17 ends. Over the remaining 8 ends Peter’s rink won a further 5 ends adding 14 shots whilst Arthur’s rink managed to score 9 shots from their 3 end wins which included a 5 on the 21ˢᵗ end, giving Peter’s rink a big 19 shot win 37 to 18.

Mario Furletti’s rink of Mark Brett, Geoff Dixon and Paul Rolfe looked in early trouble as John Fitzgerald’s rink won 4 of the first 5 ends to build a 4 shot lead 6 to 2. Mario’s rink was able to win 5 of the next 8 ends but still found themselves trailing by 5 shots at the 14-end break 8 to 13. Following the break Mario’s rink were in grave danger of being completely over-run as John’s rink built a very handy 10 shot lead after the 17ᵗʰ end 10 to 20 with just 8 ends remaining. It was then that Mario’s rink came to life winning 7 of those remaining ends to add 20 shots whilst losing 1 shot on a single end loss. Mario’s rink went on to record a great come from the clouds 9 shot win 30 to 21.

Ian Cashill returned from division one to the skipping role and with Jim Tuckwell, Anthony Nachtigal and Jim Furletti were matched against Jim Bruce’s. Although splitting the ends 7 all at the 14 end mark it was Ian’s rink that managed to score heavily and hold a 9 shot lead at the
14-end break 20 to 11. The return to the green after the break saw the game turned on its head as Ian’s rink managed just 3 shots from 2 end wins whilst Jim’s rink in winning 7 of those 9 ends secured a further 14 shots which resulted in Ian’s rink losing their lead for the first time on the day and find themselves trailing 23 to 25 with 2 ends to play. Ian’s rink then scored a single on the 24ᵗʰ end to trail by just 1 shot however when they dropped 2 shots on the final end it was all over as they suffered a narrow 3 shot loss 24 to 27.

Tatura Hilltop 41 (0) lost to SEYMOUR VRI 58 (14)

Another away win this time against the combined Tatura Hilltop side has seen Seymour VRI manage retain top spot on the ladder for yet another week. Both rinks were up by a combined 12 shots at the 28ᵗʰ end break and the win was in VRI’s hands. Over the final 22 ends the margin slowly built to a 17-shot margin recording another overall win for the Seymour VRI side. Jane Wilson’s rink of Jeanette Anderson, Wayne Flint and Carol Harrop continued on their winning way matched against youngster Jacob Cartwright’s rink bursting out of the blocks winning the first 4 ends to establish a 9 shot lead, 9 to 0. Losing the next 4 ends their lead was cut to 3 shots as Jacob’s rink fought back to trail by 3 shots 9 to 6. Scoring 6 shots to 4 over the next 6 ends Jane’s rink had managed to build their lead to 5 shots at the 14ᵗʰ end break. The match remained very tight over the next 9 ends as Jane’s rink fought hard to maintain a narrow 4 shot margin with just 2 ends remaining. Jane’s rink winning those 2 remaining ends and adding a further 10 shots in the process moved forward comfortably to record a terrific 14 shot win 32 to 18.

Garry Bester’s presently VRI’s and GVBD’s top ranked skip in Division 6 along with his rink of Alan Walton, Darren Greive and Jeff Rhue after falling behind by 3 shots to nil following the 2ⁿᵈ end against Peter Ibbott’s rink lit opened their scoring by winning the next 3 ends and scoring 7 shots whilst doing so. The next 9 ends of play going to the 14ᵗʰ end break saw Garry’s rink whilst winning just 4 of those ends still manage to actually increase their lead to 7 shots, 17 to 10. Garry’s rink increased their lead to 11 shots winning the first 2 ends after the break, but found themselves slowly but surely having their lead nibbled away to find themselves just 2 shots up with the 25ᵗʰ and final end to play. Garry’s rink managed to secure that last end with a single shot which allowed them to come home with a 3 shot victory, 26 to 23.

Next Week’s Matches
Midweek were be away to top side Kilmore on Tuesday, where a win would see them climb as high as second on the ladder whilst a loss, not necessarily being the end of the world, may see them dropback to fifth place pending other results, but not out of finals contention. Next Saturday’s Pennant will see CBD Division One at home against Seymour when they will be competing for the “Stuart Doyle Trophy”, and the opportunity to challenge for a double chance should any of the clubs above them faulter. CBD Division Two will be away against Seymour where an expected win against the lower ranked side will be imperative if they are to retain a possible double chance. GVBD Division
Six will be looking to extend their margin atop their ladder at home against the 2ⁿᵈ placed Nagambie who are sitting 22 points behind VRI.

Until next week.
The Oracle