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Saturday 27th March 2021

Let’s start off on a bright note in offering our congratulations to Mark Brett on his winning the Club “B” Grade title for 2021. In what was a very close game Mark defeated Stuart Crocket 21 to 19 to give him the title and his name up in gold leaf on the “B” Grade honour board.

Unfortunately, good news is often followed by bad news and that is the case for our gallant CBD Division 2 side who were unable to pull off a win in their Grand Final against Wallan, who we offer congratulations.

Following a poor start in the rain at Yea last week we were behind the 8-ball with all rinks down and trailing by 17 shots after 29 ends when play was finally called due to the poor conditions created by the constant rain. With both sides agreeing to an 11am start the Grand Final resumed at Yea on Saturday 27th and VRI would need everything going our way if we were to reverse the trend from the previous Sunday.

A comeback was not to be seen as Wallan continued to win ends as they eventually ran out comfortable winners by 38 shots. Whilst victory was not to be our Division 2 side, by reaching their Grand Final, added to the great year it has proved to be for the cub.


WALLAN 82 def Seymour VRI 44

It was to be a wet Grand Final day as the Seymour VRI Division Two side after their win over Wallan in the Qualifying Final travelled to Yea to complete what would be their final game in the Central Bowls Division Pennant Competition against a Wallan side looking for revenge after they had completed their washed-out Preliminary Final the previous day against Kilmore at Broadford.

Seymour VRI found themselves trailing after a slow start as Wallan jumped out to a handy 8 shot lead after 15 ends. With the rain still falling and the unlikelihood of it clearing the players were called from the green after 29 ends with Seymour VRI falling further behind Wallan, 13 to 32 as play was abandoned for the day, with sides to resume the following Saturday.

Upon the resumption of play Seymour VRI found themselves falling further behind and after 45 ends they were trailing by 26 shots, 24 to 50 and the glimmer of hope was dimming just with 30 ends remaining. Seymour VRI were unable to close the gap over the next 15 ends and after 60 ends they trailed by 31 shots, 37 to 68 and any hope of premiership glory was gone.

Whilst fighting all the way to the end it was to be Wallan’s flag as Seymour VRI succumbed to the better side on the day by 38 shots, 44 to 82.


Wayne Flint’s rink of Jim Tuckwell, Anthony Nachtigal and Jim Furletti had a titanic battle against Andy MacIntosh’s rink winning 14 of the 25 ends but not scoring heavily enough to have a win.  Unable to score after 3 ends Wayne’s rink found themselves down by 5 shots but with wins on the next 4 ends, they had struck back to take a narrow 2 shot lead, 7 to 5. However, losing then next 2 ends that included a 4 on the 10th end they found themselves trailing by 3 shots, 7 to 10 when play was halted due to the consistent rain. With the resumption of play after the week-long break Wayne’s rink added 2 shots with singles scored on the opening 2 ends to trail by just 1 shot after 12 ends but that was to be the end of their revival as they lost the following 4 ends dropping 12 shots including a 4 and a 6 and found themselves trailing by 13 shots after 16 ends, 9 to 22. Determined not to give up Wayne’s rink then won 4 ends consecutively adding 9 shots of their own including a 5 on the 17th end to reduce their deficit to just 4 shots with 5 ends remaining, 18 to 22. With Andy’s rink adding a single on the 21st end the gap had crept out to 5 shots with 4 ends remaining. With Wayne’s rink adding 2 shots on the 22nd end reducing the margin to 3 shots with 3 ends to play and following their adding singles on the 23rd and 24th ends the gap had been reduced to just 1 shot 22 to 23 with one end remaining. Unfortunately for Wayne’s rink they were not to win that final end and in dropping 2 shots they were ultimately defeated by 3 shots, 22 to 25 in a gallant effort.


Mario Furletti’s, rink of Mark Brett, Geoff Dixon, and Brendan Challis were pitted against Paul Delnegro’s and with not scoring over the first 4 ends found themselves trailing by 7 shots after 4 ends. Scoring a 4 on the 5thend followed by singles on the next 3 ends Mario’s rink had drawn level at 7 shots apiece after 8 ends. As had been the case earlier it was Delnegros rink winning the next 3 ends to add 3 shots to his total and Mario’s rink were trailing by those 3 shots, 7 to 10 after 10 ends when the decision was made to cancel play for the day. The resumption of play following the weeks break again saw Mario’s rink drop the opening 2 ends to find themselves a further 3 shots behind, whilst they added 2 shots themselves and dropped just a single over the next 3 ends, they found themselves trailing by just 4 shots after 15 ends, 9 to 13. With 3 singles in a row to Delnegro’s rink followed by a single to Mario’s rink, followed by a further 3 to Delnegro’s rink on the 20th end left Mario’s rink trailing by 9 shots with just 5 ends to play, a not insurmountable gap but a substantial lead none the less. In losing 4 shots over the 21st, 22nd and 23rd ends Mario’s rink found themselves trailing by 13 shots with 2 ends remaining and although they managed to win those two remaining ends, they were able to add just singles on each occasion and found themselves going down by 11 shots, 12 to 23.

Peter Delzotto’s rink of John Crockett, Terry Dowell and Jeff Rhue started well in winning the first end for a single against Peter Glass’s rink however they then dropped the next 3 ends losing 5 shots before they won another end scoring a further single and found themselves trailing by 3 shots after 5 ends 2 to 5. Peter’s rink then proceeded to lose 8 shots on the following 3 ends including a 3 on the 6th and a 5 on the 8th ends before they were able to again score a single and found themselves facing an 11-shot gap, 3 to 14 after the 9th end when play was called because of rain and they would resume next week. Upon the resumption of play Peter’s rink, over the next 6 ends, were able to add just 3 shots from 2 end wins whilst Glass’s rink added a further 7 shots from their 4 end wins and increased their lead to a substantial 15 shots after 15 ends 6 to 21. The next 5 ends were to prove the final nail in the coffin for Peter’s rink adding 3 shots form a further 2 end wins whilst Glass’s rink was able to add another 6 shots from their 3 ends won and establish an 18-shot lead after 20 ends with just 5 ends remaining. Glass’s rink put the final nail in the coffin when they won the next 3 ends to increase their lead to 24 shots with just 2 ends remaining to play and with both rinks adding a single on each winning and end the final results saw Peter’s rink down by 24 shots, 10 to 34.

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Easter.

The Oracle