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Seymour VRI Bowls Report 27th February

Saturday 27ᵗʰ February 2021

A mixed week of results for the VRI club this week with our GVBD Division 6 side advancing to their Grand Final in 2 weeks and our CBD Midweek side securing their place in the finals with a good win at home, meanwhile both CBD Division 1 and 2 are into their finals this
week after Division 1 suffered a loss away to Alexandra whilst Division 2 received a forfeit from Alexandra who were unable to field a side.

In what was to be our final home and away pennant match in the CBD’s top flight, Seymour VRI’s Division 1 side suffered a shock loss away to 5ᵗʰ placed Alexandra, meaning they will go into next Saturday’s Elimination Final against Wallan at Yea in something of a form slump
after suffering consecutive losses in matches they were expected to win. Unfortunately, with Alexandra forfeiting due to lack of numbers our Seymour VRI CBD Division 2 will go into next Saturday’s Qualifying Final against top side Wallan at Yea without a solid match condition hit out. Never the less they will get out onto the green for a week of solid practice.

CBD MIDWEEK 23ᵗʰ February
SEYMOUR VRI 82 (14) def Alexandra 56 (2)

Seymour VRI’s Midweek side in their final home and away pennant match in the CBD proved too strong at home for Alexandra. Leading overall by a comfortable 23 shots at the lunchbreak after 42 ends with all rinks up, although following the resumption not all VRI rinks could continue with their good form, with 2 recording comfortable wins and one suffering a deflating loss after leading at the break, it was VRI going on to record to record a handsome win by 26 shots. Following this win our Midweek side retained 4ᵗʰ place and have met Wallan at Broadford yesterday (Tuesday 2ⁿᵈ March) in their Elimination Final, full report of this match next week.

As has generally been the case this season it was Greg Jones, rink of Geoff Dixon, Garry Bester and Jane Wilson lining up against Ken Argent’s rink that led the way for VRI. Bursting away by scoring 7 shots on the first 4 ends and Ken reducing that lead to 4 shots by scoring 3 shots by winning the next 2 ends. Greg’s rink added a further 6 shots winning the next 3 ends to extend their lead to 10 after just 9 ends. Over the next 5 ends leading up to the 14ᵗʰ end break Greg added a further 2 shots whilst Ken added 3 shots so Greg’s lead was 9 at the break 15 to 6. Following the resumption after the break it was Greg’s rink after dropping a 3 on the 15ᵗʰ end that won 5 ends on the trot to get their lead out to 15 shots, 24 to 9 after 20 ends. Ken’s rink scored a pair of 2’s on the next 2 ends, but with Greg’s rink adding an impressive 4 and a 6 on the next two ends it was all over bar the shouting as they say. Ken’s rink managed a single on the 25ᵗʰ end giving Greg’s rink a very handy 22 shot winning margin 34 to 12.

Joe Purcell’s rink of Kevin Cain, Peter Delzotto and Mario Furletti returned to the winners list against Mark Stone’s rink. Although dropping the opening 2 ends to trail 0 to 4 Joe fought back to level the scores after 4 ends at 4 all. Mark opened a 2 shot lead on the 5ᵗʰ end but Joe’s rink in scoring 10 shots on the next 3 ends, including a 4 and 5 on the 6ᵗʰ and 7ᵗʰ ends jumped out to an 8 shot lead after the 8ᵗʰ end 14 to 6. Whilst over the next 6 ends scoring was relatively equal and it was Joe’s rink going into the 14ᵗʰ end break with a handy 9 shot lead 20 to 11. Following the break, it was Mark’s rink that did all of the scoring and with Joe’s rink scoring a single on the 18ᵗʰ end it was Mark’s rink that had closed Joe’s lead to just 3 shots after 21 ends. With 4 ends remaining the pressure was on and it was Joe’s rink that handled it the better of the two scoring 7 shots on the next 3 ends to establish a 10-shot lead with just 1 end to play. Whilst dropping a single on that final end Joe’s rink had secured a solid 9 shot win 28 to 19.

Ian Cashill’s rink of Jim Tuckwell, Joy Cashill and Bill Dawe split the early ends with Neil Rieschieck’s rink holding a slender 1 shot lead after the 8ᵗʰ end 8 to 7. Adding a 4 on the 9ᵗʰ end and winning 3 of the next 5 ends it was Ian’s rink holding a 5 shot lead at the 14ᵗʰ break 16 to 11. Following the break, it was all one-way traffic as Neil’s rink began to dominate picking up 5 shots on the 15ᵗʰ and 16ᵗʰ ends to draw level at 16 all. Ian’s rink briefly hit the lead securing a single on the 17ᵗʰ end but then dropped 6 shots on the following 3 ends to trail 17 to 22 at the completion of the 20ᵗʰ end. A single on the 21ˢᵗ end left Ian trailing by 4 shots with 4 ends to play but they were unable to make any headway seeing their 5 shot lead at the break disappear as they finally went down by 5 shots 20 to 25.

Seymour VRI 60 (2) lost to WALLAN 87 (14)

Seymour VRI were away to 5ᵗʰ placed Alexandra and looking to find some form leading up to the finals after their disappointing loss to Wallan last week. Things were looking good for VRI at the 42-end break with 2 rinks up even though one was by a single shot and the other down by just 1 shot giving them a 12-shot advantage as they resumed after the break. Unfortunately, it appears that Alexandra was the more desperate side as VRI finished with just 1 rink up and their margin unable to cover the losses on the other two rinks leaving VRI to suffer a narrow 4 shot loss overall.

Once again it was Greg Jones rink of Phil Challis, Bill Dawe and Wayne Noonan leading the way for VRI against Neil Rieschieck’s rink but it was not to be an easy task as they only won three of the first 8 ends to trail 4 to 6 after those tight 8 ends. Suddenly Greg’s rink found their range as they won the next 6 ends including a 5 on the 9ᵗʰ end to wipe out Neil’s lead and build themselves a handy 12 shot lead at the completion of the 14ᵗʰ end. After the break there was to be heavy scoring as Greg’s rink won just 3 more ends scoring 4 shots whilst Neil’s rink scored just singles on their 7 end wins leaving Greg’s rink to run out comfortable 9 shot winners 22 to 13.

Joe Purcell’s rink of Joy Cashill, Ian Cashill and Brad Anderson were again jumped at the start finding themselves trailing Ken Argent’s rink by 6 shots after 8 ends 4 to 10. In winning 4 of the next 6 ends and managing to score 7 shots and holding Ken’s rink to just 2 singles it was Joe’s rink very much back inti the game trailing by a single shot at the 14ᵗʰ end break 11 to 12. With singles being scored over the next 5 ends allowing Ken’s rink to sneak out to a 2 shot lead after 19 ends shots 13 to 15. Again, Joe’s rink dropped a pair of two’s on the 20ᵗʰ and 21ˢᵗ
end to find themselves trailing by 16 shots after the 21ˢᵗ end. A two on the 22ⁿᵈ end reduce the margin to just 4 with 3 ends to play whilst both sides added singles on those ends so with just the 25ᵗʰ end to play Joe’s rink trailed by 4 shots. Unfortunately, they were unable to win that end and in dropping 2 shots they finished up losing their match by 6 shots 16 to 22.

Mick Szczykulski’s rink of Moreno Puppa, Helen Flint and Geoff Neal, started well winning the first 3 ends and scoring 6 shots against Greg Gilmore’s rink, however they then lost the following 3 ends to Greg’s rink who scored 5 shots of their own, leaving them trailing Mick’s rink by just 1 shots 6 to 5. Mick won the next 3 ends adding an additional 5 shots to increase his lead to 6 shots 11 to 5 after 9 ends. In a similar pattern to the earlier ends, it was Greg’s rink taking the next 4 ends and drawing level at 11 al after 13 ends, whilst Mick’s rink scored a single on the 14ᵗʰ end to go into the break with a one shot lead 12 to 11. A 4 straight after the break on the 15ᵗʰ end enabled Mick’s rink jump out to a 5 shot lead 16 to 11 with 10 ends remaining. Dropping 7 shots on the next 3 ends allowed Greg’s rink to get their noses in front by 2 shots after the 18ᵗʰ end whilst a 2 on the 19ᵗʰ end for Mick’s rink saw scores level at 18 all after the 19ᵗʰ end. Unfortunately for Mick’s rink they would win just 1 of the remaining 6 ends and in scoring a single shot on that end whilst Greg’s rink added 8 further shots from their 5 ends won ensured that Mick’s rink would suffer a 7-shot loss, 19 to 26.

SEYMOUR VRI 15 (16) def Alexandra by Forfeit 0 (0)

With Alexandra unable to field a side and gifting Seymour VRI a walkover win, collecting 15 shots and 16 points, thus ensuring they remained in 2ⁿᵈ place and they would meet top side Wallan at Yea next week in the Qualifying Final with the winner moving straight into the Grand Final in two weeks’ time, whilst the loser would meet the winner of the Elimination Final between Kilmore or Eildon in the following weeks Preliminary Final.

SEYMOUR VRI 57 def Nagambie 35

It was to be their opportunity to go straight into the Grand Final in 2 weeks’ time when Seymour VRI met Nagambie in the qualifying final at Mooroopna Golf. Seymour VRI had both rinks up at the 28ᵗʰ end break giving them a handy 25 shot lead. The final 22 ends saw the overall lead remain with the VRI side as they booked their place in the Grand Final with a comfortable 22 shot win, leaving Nagambie to meet Shepparton Park in next week’s Preliminary Final.

Garry Bester’s with his rink of Alan Walton, Josh Austin and Jeff Rhue began were in a tight tussle with Colin Miller’s rink when after 6 ends they held a narrow 2 shot lead 7 to 5. By the 10ᵗʰ end that lead had been extended by the narrowest of margins to 3 shots with scores being 11 to 8. Winning the following 4 ends Garry’s rink score 7 shots whilst holding Colin’s rink scoreless and increasing their lead to 10 shots at the 14ᵗʰ end break. After the break won the next 3 ends adding a further 5 shots to their lead but Colin fought back with a 3 on the 18ᵗʰ end to see Garry’s lead of 12 shots with 7 ends remaining. Garry’s rink then won the next 4 ends including a 5 on the 19ᵗʰ end to extend their lead to a match winning 23 shots 34 to 11 with just 3 ends remaining, all of them won by Colin’s rink but the damage had already been done and Garry’s rink ran out very comfortable 19 shot winners 34 to 15.

Jane Wilson’s rink of Jeanette Anderson, Stuart Crockett and Carol Harrop were level with Arch Patterson’s rink at 3 all after 4 ends with the next 3 ends split with singles Janes rink had moved to a 1 shot lead after 7 ends. In hitting a golden run of form it was Jane’s rink winning the next 6 ends including a 5 on the 9ᵗʰ end and a 4 on the 12ᵗʰ end to go to the 14-end break with a very handy 15 shot lead 20 to 5. A single each on the 15ᵗʰ and 16ᵗʰ ends after the break kept Jane’s rink lead at 15 shots but then the wheels began to fall off. Losing the next 5 ends including a 5 on the 19ᵗʰ end saw Arch’s rink move to within 4 shots of Jane’s rink 21 to 17. Two singles on the 22ⁿᵈ and 23ʳᵈ ends allowed Jane to steady to a 6-shot lead with just 2 ends to play and with both of those going to Arch’s rink it was Janes rink running out 3 shot victors 23 to 20.

Until next week
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