Members practicing social distancing
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Saturday 31ˢᵗ October 2020

The weather gods finally smiled down finally allowing the Seymour VRI to conduct not only our Annual General Meeting attended by 31 members with 15 apologies (Melbourne Cup long weekend) but also our 2020-21 season Opening Day on Saturday 31ˢᵗ October.

Members practicing social distancing

Following the reading of the 72ⁿᵈ Annual Report elections were held with the executive of Wayne Noonan (President), Stephen McGregor (Secretary) and Helen Flint (Treasurer) were all returned unopposed whilst 4 Board Members in Ian Cashill, Geoff Dixon and Joe Purcell and Peter Delzotto were also returned, and new Board Member Garry Bester was added.
A change to the constitution saw the position of Club Captain, currently held by Michael Szczykulski, also added to the Board.
With a healthy six nominations for Match/Selection Committee a ballot was required with Ian Cashill, Phil Challis and Moreno Puppa elected, best of luck boys and the first round is on me!
Members Joe Purcell and Stephen McGregor were awarded Life Memberships for services to the Seymour VRI Bowling Club.

Joe Purcell (New Life Member, Wayne Noonan (President) and Stephen McGregor (Life Member)

Joseph Purcell – Club History
Seymour VRI Bowling Club Membership was Approved 25/11/1979 on a motion by Ian Kemp
and seconded Kevin Lee
Since Joe’s Membership acceptance into the club he has served the club on and off over the past 41
years in a number of various positions;
• General Committee
• Social Committee
• Match Committee
• Green Waterer
• Green Cutter
• And the past two years as the Greens Director, where he has spent many hours watering and nurturing both greens to the great condition, we find them in today.
Joe has always been one of the first to arrive for working bees and the last to leave, as well as being a great supporter of social events around the club.
He supports the club by entering and playing in club games and enjoys representing the club in both CBD and GVBD pennant competitions as well as division sides when selected, he has also enjoyed representing the club at VRI Country Week as well as attending VRI Bowls Club events.

Stephen McGregor – Club History
Seymour VRI Bowling Club Membership was approved 29/07/2001 on a show of hands
following his transfer from the Seymour Bowling Club.
Since Steve’s Membership acceptance he has served the club on and off over the past 19 years in
various capacities but mainly as secretary;
• 2002-03 continuously as Secretary
• General Committee
• Licensee since 2013
• Social Committee
• Match Committee
• Tournament Committee
• CBD and GVBD Delegate
• CBD Executive Representative
Prior to his recent ill health, he has supported the playing of club games and enjoyed representing the club in both CBD and GVBD pennant competitions as well as division sides when selected.
In his role as a bowls administrator Stephen has been active in promoting the club at every opportunity at Bowls Victoria and within the Central Goulburn Murray Bowls Region as well as within the clubs of the Goulburn Valley and Murray Bowls Divisions.

A brief discussion was held reminding members of their obligations under COVID-19 Regulations as agreed by Bowls Vic and DHHS, as well as all members present issued with a Seymour VRI Face Mask at no cost to the members, which must be worn whilst on the green.
With the AGM concluded the members enjoyed an afternoon of bowls although there were a few complaints about the windy conditions the green rolled beautifully.

Following the bowls and drawing of the cards for the various positions presentations of Club Tankards were made by President Wayne as the Members enjoyed his hospitality by offering the Presidents Card for a period of time.
Winners were:

Leader – Jeanette Anderson
Second – Joyanne Cashill
Third – Peter Delzotto
Skipper – Darren McDonald

Pennant Bowls commence next Saturday 7ᵗʰ November with CBD Division One hosting Yea on our number 1 green whilst CBD Division Two have a Bye and GVBD Division Six will play host to Mooroopna Golf on the Number Two green.
As always sides will be selected on Thursday evening and members are reminded to advise the selectors of their availability by marking the Selection Availability Board in the back room prior to that time.

Until next week.
The Oracle