Barefoot Bowls


The club began hosting Free Friday Evening Barefoot Bowls from the 24th of October 2019 to the 28th of February 2020.

In addition to the free bowls we also provided a free sausage sizzle and happy hour drink prices between 6 –  7 pm on each evening.

In total 15 nights were planned with 3 unfortunately cancelled due to either extreme heat or rain.

The nights differed in popularity, with numbers fluctuating from 40 to 80+ people depending on weather conditions or public holidays.

A pleasing number of new community members used our greens, with some nights having all rinks full.

The goal was to provide community members of all ages and genders with the opportunity to try our game as well as give the club the opportunity to perhaps recruit new members.

There were promising results with approximately 5 – 6 filling in membership registration forms.

We look forward to the continuation of this program next season.