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1st Draft CBD Pennant Proposal 2020-21

1st Draft CBD Pennant Proposal 2020-21

As time continues to march on during this latest period of COVID-19 restrictions it has become impossible for the Central Bowls Division Board or its Match Committee to conduct structured face to face meetings. In view of this I have spoken over the telephone with members of the Match Committee with a view to identifying dates that Pennant play may be conducted.

For a 14 round competition to be played the latest starting date for Saturday Pennant would be Saturday 31st October 2020 (or earlier dependent on circumstances) with 7 rounds played before Christmas and breaking on Saturday 19th December 2020. That is a total of 8 weeks but should Bowls Vic forbid play during the Vic Open one week will be needed to be put aside for this. Midweek Pennant could commence on Tuesday 26th October 2020 with play on the second round being played on Thursday 5th November 2020 to allow for the Melbourne Cup. Midweek would break for Christmas on Tuesday 16th December 2021.

Bowls Vic has scheduled State Champions Week to Commence on Friday 9th April 2021. Therefore, play for the second half of the season would need to start on Saturday 16th January 2021 (Midweek Tuesday 12th Jan). With 10 weeks of play, allowing for the remaining 7 rounds and 3 weeks of finals, we could complete our season by Saturday 20th March 2021 (Midweek Tuesday 16th March). This would leave time to conduct the Central Goulburn Murray Pennant Champions playoffs.

All of the above is dependent on what and if any restrictions are in place by the State Government. Changes may need to be made dependent upon how many players are permitted on a green at any given time e.g. 3 rinks of 3 players or 2 rinks of 4 players if no more than 20 people are permitted on a green at any given time. The Match Committee will endeavor to work through any unforeseen delays or restrictions in what is hoped to be a fair and equitable manner to all clubs.

The new season will be run using the Bowls Vic adopted Bowls Link system and I am asking all clubs to nominate a Pennant Manager at their earliest convenience who may be entered onto the system. This has to be done prior to a season being drawn up as the program will not generate a club without a manager first being entered. Please forward this member’s details to CBD Secretary Ann Argent.